24 Carat Goldstone Monthly Limited Edition July 2024

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24 Carat Goldstone Monthly Limited Edition July 2024
24 Carat Goldstone Monthly Limited Edition July 2024

Welcome to July 2024’s Limited Edition, 24 Carat Goldstone, a glorious glittery summery goldy bronze. There are beautiful subtle sparkles dispersed through the stud, and they shimmer when they catch the light.

The origin of goldstone is much debated but in its raw form it is chunks of glass with a really concentrated amount of copper particles in it. I have carefully encased it in clear glass and pulled it into a cane to highlight the sparkly effect and save the copper particles from burning out in the flame. 

My favourite story explaining the origin of goldstone (which may or may not be true…) is that an apprentice in Murano during the height of Venetian glassblowing in the 16th century tripped and fell, accidentally throwing a load of hot copper onto a gather of clear Murano glass. Unlikely but let’s go with it 😂

Over the next year (and hopefully longer) there will be a new mini stud design limited to 25 pairs released each month. Once they are sold out I’ll keep them on a monthly archive page so we can all look back through them. I’ll mark the card on the back which number of 25 you have and the date, and they can be collected month by month if you so wish! 

Made in a torch flame and carefully annealed in a kiln overnight to prevent any breakages these earrings would be perfect to complement an outfit or as a little gift to someone. The backs are Surgical Steel, a completely safe and hypo-allergenic metal. The steel backs are fused into the glass while it is still hot, so no glue is needed.

As they are handmade, the size of glass varies between 4 and 6mm, but is consistent within the pairs.

They were made by me, in my studio in Edinburgh, Scotland

I am happy to ship worldwide, although please bear in mind shipping outside of the UK can take up to 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  me.

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